San Andreu de la Barca offers a festival of colours with its new water fountain

Sant Andreu de la Barca is a municipality in the Baix Llobregat region to the right of the Llobregat (the eastern boundary of the municipality), between Martorell, Catellbisbal, Castellví de Rosanes and Corbera de Llobregat. Santo andreu de la Barca is located in the cubeto of Sant Andreu de la Barca, is one of the most important aquifers in Catalonia and has an area of 8 km².

Sant Andreu de la Barca is bounded by a river and two streams: The river is the Llobregat, which borders on Catellbisbal; the streams are the Palau, which borders on Catellbisbal and Castellví de Rosanes, and the Corbera, which borders, as its name suggests, on Corbera del Llobregat.

San Andreu de la Barca has a magnificent illuminated source with various spotlights that has integrated LUXESwith spotlights that include submersible lamps that highlight key points to prevent water from being reflected and light from focusing on water movements.

Customer: San Andreu de la Barca


Product installed: Voyaguer aqua

Luxes has provided consumption savings of 70% thanks to LED floodlights because they produce more light per watt than incandescent lamps and therefore reduce the economic maintenance cost of using LEDs compared to submersible incandescent bulbs in the fountain lighting. In addition, they can reproduce a wide range of colors without the use of additional filters.

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