Manufacture of pool tables and sale of accessories, toys and tabletop games

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Office lighting project – Servimatic
Barcelona 2022

Servimatic is a family business founded in 1920 and dedicated to the manufacture of pool tables and the sale of accessories, toys and tabletop games. His background is in the family business BILLARES SOLER.

Luxes has illuminated the Servimatic offices, located in the district of Sants-Monjuic in Barcelona.

Client: Servimatic
Date: 06/2022
Installed product: Zulyt System, Alice, Tube Track, Chandra 078, Corvus System, Nubia

Pool table in Servimatic offices

Billiards are the soul of the company. For these leisure areas, recessed downlightsfrom the new Alice collection have been chosen, and ambient lighting using the TubeTrack rail system.

Servimatic office lighting
Servimatic Luxes office lighting

Zulytluminaires have been installed for the work areas. The simplicity of its matte black lines is consistent with the minimalism and elegance of the place. In addition, it provides adequate light to carry out typical office tasks, avoiding eye strain.

Continuing with the elegant line of the entire project, indirect lighting has been installed in the kitchen using Chandra profiles and Gaia and Ashen LED strips, a trend that has become very fashionable in recent years.

Corvus Sytemhas taken prominence in the meeting room, where maximum functionality has been sought, combining with the black and matt tones of the room, as in the rest of the project.

Finally, in the passageways, recessed luminaires, Nubia, have been combined with recessed linear lights in the ceiling.

The entire lighting project has been within the framework of a very careful office interior design project with a minimalist essence according to the latest trends.

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