SJD Dentists bet on energy efficiency with LED technology

SJD Dentistas is a dental clinic located in Tenerife, which stands out for its desire to improve people’s lives through dentistry.

Its mission is to give each person the appropriate solution to their needs, taking into account their circumstances, giving them a personalized, close, friendly and familiar.


It is a clinic that differentiates itself thanks to the great communication with the patient, offering detailed information, audiovisual supports and technology, and through the collaboration with the patients to obtain the best results in all the areas of our processes.

Customer: SJD Dentistas

Date: 05/03/2019

Installed product: GAIALED strips

Luxes has replaced the conventional lighting in the clinic’s rooms with GAIA LED strips, resulting in greater efficiency and energy savings.. Promoting light conditions thatimprove the performance and quality of work of these great dentists, in addition to increasing patient satisfaction through comfort and wellbeing.

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