LED lighting for Pharmaceuticals

Luxes has carried out a project lighting for the SYG pharmacy in Tarragona, the following objectives have been taken into account in the integration of the lighting: The first one to offer lighting in pharmacies that pit gives the customer a more relaxed and comfortable view of both the products and the queries they want to make. In addition topromoting a pleasant and safe feeling through the light throughout the establishment. Another factor is guiding and accompanying the users of the establishment along the way, transmitting tranquility to create the right climate for any consultation.

Create a welcoming environment, consistent with furniture and display systems (exhibitors).

In this way, Luxes seeks a form of light integration so that all the elements of the establishment stand out in accordance with the image that it wants to transmit, that is, in the case of a health sector and dedicated to ‘Wellnes’,the ideal environment must be created with these values ​​using lighting cold tones.

Cliente: Sector farmacéutico Taragona SYG

Date: 10/11/2020

Product: Corvus System






In this case it has been illuminated thanks to an innovative system called Corvus System Functionally lighting all areas of the store, highlighting special spaces such as counters and exhibition areas

For the counter or points of sale, for example, it must facilitate relations between workers and customers, therefore the lighting must be more intense, but not direct.

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