Lighting solutions for tennis courts

Project description

Club Tennis Barcino has trusted us for the application of LED lighting technology in its sports facilities to reduce electricity consumption and lower costs. Throughout this post we show the tennis court lighting solutions achieved.

The LED emits a light with high contrast, continuous, directional, very sharp and with a high uniformity achieved by its photometry studied for this type of sports courts. It is also suitable for all areas as this light source reduces light pollution and improves energy savings.

Depending on the type of lighting, the electrical consumption drops drastically when we install our LED projector, even lowering the power and obtaining a better return on investment (ROI).

The long life of the LED entails great savings in replacements and an almost total carefree maintenance and spare parts personnel.

The result of the lighting obtained with LEDs shows us that they significantly improve sharpness, uniformity, color and clarity.

Proper pole placement and orientation are essential for good visibility.

For lighting in sports facilities, the PROTÓN luminaire is recommended, which guarantees up to 60% less energy consumption than traditional light sources, and multiple mounting and orientation options.

Project details

ClientClub Tennis Barcino
Date Septiembre 2017
Product installedProton

Important data

Iluminación media 539 lx
Uniformidad 0.93

The product used in this project has been our PROTON projector. Ideal for projects that require high light capacity and resistance, such as road lighting, sports spaces, tunnels and in complex high-tech systems.

The product that Club Tennis Barcino was using was a higher power projector.