Vil·la Urània is a municipal facility in the District of Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, project of SUMO arquitecteswho have had the collaboration of LUXES  for the installation of luminaires in the building. 

This Barcelona entity with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the Putxet and Farró neighborhoods, is a cultural space of intergenerational nature with diverse activities, interests and themes, with participatory programming and open to everyone, where the role of neighborhood entities play a fundamental role. Vil·la Urània was born, then, with the intention of implementing a new model of shared management in the city from the action of the public administration, the professional technical team and the Federation of Entities of the same.


A building in the city of Barcelona expressly asking for it to be used as a “popular observatory, for school groups or as a cultural institution”. FAMILY SPACE, CASAL CHILDREN, CIVIC CENTER. In Vil·la Urània we will find a family space called La Saleta for children from 0 to 3 years old, a children’s house for children from 4 to 12 years old and a civic center with workshops for adults and activities for all ages. In addition, this team develops two unique projects, one that revolves around scientific dissemination, according to the legacy of Josep Comas and Solà, and the other, La Galería Urània, which promotes textile art & amp; craft.

Client  Vil·la Urània
Date  12/10/2016
Product installed  ZULYT 

Zulyt lamp offers a number of advantages in lighting, this image shows the profile illuminating the outdoor corridor area improving visibility in low light and dark hours, reducing the cost energy and responsibility towards the environment.

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