LED lighting in the streets of Vitoria

Gazteiz, located in a crossroads, has been throughout history an important strategic point both on a military level and on a commercial and cultural one. Since Roman times, when the road that linked Astorga and Bordeaux passed through Alava, these lands have not stopped being a communication axis between the Central Plateau and Europe. It is a city with an intense history that is manifested in a valuable monumental heritage He holds the title “very noble and very loyal”.


LUXEShas replaced the conventional lighting of streets, squares and monuments thanks to LED lamps and spotlights, providing greater illumination giving personality and color to every corner, the projection of light has been studied to bring facades, walls, ceilings and floors to life.

Lighting for architectural structures, LUXES highlights the vital points of each shape so that light can move through the focus and colours.

Customer: Vitoria

Date: 02/12/2010

Producto instalado:Epsilon y Spirit

Luxes thanks to the integration of this type of luminaire with LED tubes has managed to save 60% of the cost of electricity consumption in lighting Gazteiz,Luxes has managed to extend the life of the lighting and consequently a saving in installation costs. But don’t forget that these luminaires aremore environmentally responsible and reduce negative impact.

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