Public lighting installations in a city/town are part of the urban landscape, both during the day and at night. Street lighting conveys a sense of safety, convenience and comfort.

Urban lighting allows to extend the activity of the inhabitants during the night. The nocturnal image of a city shows its own identity, “brings to light” what essentially defines it: its architecture, its history, the neighborhoods, its projects, offering a maximum complete and current reading.

Currently, public lighting criteria are committed to caring for pedestrians, integrating sustainable mobility and reconsidering urban greenery. Previously, lighting has focused mainly on traffic routes, especially for vehicles, occasionally contemplating some buildings as large representative icons.

Luxes has developed a multitude of public lighting projects with the aim of improving their energy efficiency and reducing light pollution as well as CO2 emissions associated with their electricity consumption, in compliance with current legislation.

In the different projects, the technical-economic study has been carried out for the replacement and/or implementation of public lighting with a new lighting, based on a new technology based on LED diodes, with which savings of 60% of the cost are achieved. consumption as well as other improvements.

Public lighting installations have been carried out in the following towns:

  • Claramunt Tower
  • Vallbona
  • Mataró
  • Hostalet de Pierola
  • Amesketa
  • Figueres
  • Vilamolat
  • Toralla
  • Guardia de Noguera
  • Sant Climent de Sesceves (Girona)
  • Puçol (Valencia)
  • Pantá de Riudecanyes (Tarragona)
  • Claramunt Tower

Luxes manufactures a variety of high-quality street and urban luminaires capable of creating a night environment in which the city acquires its own identity, becoming more attractive to its residents.

We work to ensure that our products meet all the needs of our customers. We make some of our projects available to you and we are at your disposal for any lighting consultation or advice.