Quality Policy

The Management of Aussie Group S.L. considers it essential that quality is integrated into the management and operation of the company and, consequently, into the company’s business processes and strategic objectives.

The management and stakeholders of Aussie Group S.L. define their business activity as the sale of custom designed lighting systems and customised solutions for all types of applications. It is also active in the commercial buying and selling of individual products, together with technical and engineering consultancy to ensure that customer requirements are met.

Aussie Group S.L., a part, defines its values as follows:

In order to ensure the development of the commercial activity, the correct and effective execution of the quality policy, as well as the fulfilment of the objectives, values, mission and vision of the company, Aussie Group S.L. establishes the following principles and commitments in terms of quality:

• To meet the needs and expectations of our customers by responding appropriately and in a timely manner to their interests and contractual requirements and by complying at all times with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activities of Aussie Group S.L.

• To keep the needs and interests of interested parties in focus and priority, taking the necessary actions and appropriate direction to ensure the present and future of their interests, which are protected under the implementation of the Quality Management System, and under no circumstances should they be altered or overlapped by other objectives.

• To promote continuous improvement in all the processes of Aussie Group S.L. seeking a better performance of the organisation and its results from the point of view of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation, and always bearing in mind the continuous adaptation to our business environment and anticipating the new trends and demands of the sector and the new requirements of our customers, standards or applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
• To promote the involvement of staff at all levels of Aussie Group S.L. through actions focused on seeking greater motivation, communication, involvement and participation of staff in the management system. To this end, regular briefings will be planned to maintain the information cycle, as well as training events to keep all staff up to date with Aussie Group S.L.’s direction and technological developments.

• To guarantee compliance with the internal rules established by Aussie Group S.L. by the personnel at all levels in the development of its activities and for this purpose, Management will provide the necessary technical, material or human resources to ensure the proper functioning of the management system in the achievement of its goals and objectives and promoting the maximum collaboration and involvement of all the personnel of the organisation within their levels of authority and responsibility.

• Ensure compliance with the relevant requirements for each of the interested parties in the management system, and regularly monitor and review information on these interested parties and their requirements.

• Promote a culture of business excellence through a process approach and by seeking compliance with the requirements demanded in internal customer-supplier relations. To this end, Aussie Group S.L. will promote a continuous improvement cycle (PHVA) in the management of processes in a global approach of risk-based thinking aimed at taking advantage of opportunities and preventing undesired results. Such a system shall at all times seek to prioritise the interests of stakeholders as well as the overall interests of the company.

This Quality Policy is and will be reviewed periodically to check its continuing suitability and is brought to the attention of all staff and interested parties.