lighthing for retail shops

Eye-catching attraction

In stores, general lighting performs two important functions. First, it helps customers locate themselves in the store. Second, the right light can boost sales. It arouses curiosity, generates desire and transmits a positive attitude for life, thus influencing the purchasing behavior of customers.

Modern lighting solutions for sales plants generate a perfect atmosphere and fascinating effects. These ensure that customers feel at ease, support interior design concepts, make spaces appear larger and encourage customers to take into account points in the store that deserve special attention.

Lighthing LED products for retail shops

Our Luxes products


Tube Track


Nubia F (205/208)


Lick 2027


Tube Track S


Nubia T (430)


Delpha RD


Menkar 3562


Sirus C

With our LUXES products, exclusive for lighting in industrial buildings, you will improve manufacturing efficiency

At present it is best to use LED luminaires To achieve a perfect lighting that, combines the completeness with the decoration in the stores, since many of the equipment that are in the lighting market such as, for example, the projectors manage to give an excellent light quality. In addition, all the qualities of Led Technology such as low power consumption, maximum performance, environmental care, low heat production and many other features.

One of the great advantages of LED Technology is that it allows retail Lighting to be carried out with different lighting criteria such as powers, opening angles and even various color temperatures, depending on the type of merchandise you want to display.


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