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Levels of lighting in different applications

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LED lighting products for sports facilities

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The PROTON series has been designed with the aim of providing a powerful and flexible lighting solution to illuminate all types of sports facilities, from small clubs to professional league stadiums. This modular luminaire can be installed in an arm for one, two or three luminaires that provides the photometric distribution and lighting package necessary to meet the specifications of the area to be illuminated.

With our PROTON SERIES, exclusive for lighting sports facilities, paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, etc., you will achieve savings of 65% on average.

In the lighting of sports facilities should ensure that there is good visibility for athletes, referees and spectators. Athletes must recognize quickly and safely the small objects in each type of sport, and the spectators must be able to observe the events without the need to exert themselves.

The main objective is to achieve an improvement in the quality and reliability of lighting, reducing energy consumption, minimizing maintenance costs

A lighting installation can meet the requirements for which it is intended, only if it meets all the quality criteria. One or the other criterion may be given more importance, depending on the nature and difficulty of the visual task, or the type of enclosure.

We can conclude that the game area is where the magic occurs, but a careful balance of lighting is needed to make everyone enjoy the event even more. Too much light can annoy the players and too little can make viewing difficult for viewers.

Benefits of using LED lighting

  • The LED spotlights provide excellent illumination to avoid reflections or loss of vision especially at night. Another advantage is that they do not emit heat.
  • Greater use of the light because each LED spotlight is configured to illuminate a certain part of the place. On the other hand, the ignition is much faster
  • Thanks to LED lighting, sports facilities will save energy and therefore, on your bill. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced and have greater durability.
  • The drawback is its high price, but this investment will recover in a short time. LED lighting is much greener because they reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Both athletes and fans can enjoy sporting events thanks to the increased lighting in the facilities.

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