How to illuminate in the agri-food industry is sometimes a great challenge, because of the conditions that on many occasions these industries must meet. It all depends on the need of the farmer, the temperature of the space, the type of installation or the way of installing and the purpose he wants to achieve by lighting a specific space, from here it is decided which lighting is the most appropriate.

The latest technologies in agricultural lighting based on LED lamps and bulbs, as it has been proven thatthey permanently reduce production costs, this results in an optimization of resources and increases the useful life of the equipment.

Without forgetting the regulations on the requirements that must be met, for example, guaranteeing good hygiene, health, cleanlinessand guaranteeing the safety of its workers in the different work areas.

But there are barriers in each project and it is that Installing the luminaire is the latest to be installed in any location, this means that the budget is reduced and that the installation and maintenance costs are as low as possible.


 Waterproof LED screen for suspended or surface installation.

The TRIADONmodel is a waterproof LED screen for suspended or surface installation. The built-in breather valve helps balance air pressure inside and outside the device to prevent fogging caused by condensation. TheIP65 EasyAccess connector allows access to the external device without removing the front cover.


It offers a quick installation and a safe servicefor the agri-food industry, it is characterized by its low electricity consumption, its long useful life, which can reach 50,000 hours. In addition, highlighting its high luminous efficacy and low heat emission make it perfect for any space.


Luxes brings the solution for the agri-food sector


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We first talk about some topics that generally provoke debate such as energy saving, starting with providing a good workspace with a lighting system that guarantees a good environment of comfort and that is capable of improving the needs of workers by improving the visual space .

Regarding the energy consumption of the company, installing LED technology is reduced between 20 and 30% of the total consumption, therefore saving costs will be achieved.

The various luminaires that LUXES provides offer a solution to hygienic problems because they are ideal to be installed in the food industry since they have a degree of protection that allows cleaning to be carried out with jets of water under pressure without problem. The hardness and resistance of these luminaires are also highlighted, making it difficult to break them, preventing food from being contaminated.

But not only that, its tubular shape without corners and without edges prevents dirt from accumulating and thanks to the material in which these lamps are composed, they facilitate their cleaning with any type of product.

Another requirement of compliance and that often brings us headaches in this type of sector is the temperature, since there are rooms in which the temperature can vary, either cold or drying areas that need high temperatures.

Luxes has lamps and bulbs that can work from -20 ° to + 40 ° C.